You need a Pixiv account to shop at BOOTH.
I am showing you the steps to apply for a Pixiv account.
First, go to the Pixiv home page and click "Create an account".

After jumping to the following page, click any method to create a pixiv account,

(In case of using Twitter,) tap “Continue with Apple.” and tap “Authorize app”.

Enter your email address (used for a Pixiv account) and set a password (need to include uppercase, lowercase and numbers),

After further entering personal information such as nickname, click to register account to complete!

Pixiv will send you an email verification letters, remember to verify what you have entered! If you haven't received it, it may be in junk mail.

Next, tap the upper right corner of BOOTH website and Sign in.

After the page jumps, click the blue box and log in with the pixiv account you just registered for.
Now you can start your shopping❤️

Log in to BOOTH, and go to Kirinyan SHOP.

Add the items you want to buy to the shopping cart and click Checkout!

The great thing about BOOTH is that you can add extra support to the creators! Everyone can take advantage of it.
(The following is a checkout method for non-R18 products! )

Since credit cards issued by overseas banks will be blocked, I recommend two checkout methods: PayPal & Rakuten pay, of which only age-free products such as keychains can be paid with PayPal.
You may need to check out with Rakuten Pay if you buy R-18 CDs.

If you want to pay with Buyee, please check this website.
Buyee is a proxy shopping service that lets you bid and purchase Japanese products online.


When language other than Japanese is selected for the language setting of BOOTH, on the items page of those which international delivery is possible, additional buttons for "BUYEE's cart" will be displayed.

When international users order through "Add to Buyee cart", after the staff of "BUYEE" checks if the items are considered as articles under embargo, they purchase the ordered items in Japan, and ship items to the international customers with incident support.
(The purchase will not occur when items are out of stock or withdrawn.)

From the perspective of shop owners, it becomes "domestic sale/delivery" to BUYEE; therefore, the investigation relating to resetting delivery fee and articles under embargo is not required.

First, you need to see whether the language of the page is not Japanese.
Please tap the menu button on the right corner of the main page, and change the language setting.

※If you live abroad, you may be able to skip this step.

Tap “Add to Buyee Cart” to purchase via Buyee.

Check the quantity and the payment method, and submit your order.
Please wait for the back-in-stock notification from Buyee.
Your order will be delivered after that!

Let’s go back to the payment process in BOOTH 😉

Enter the shipping information.

Choose the shipping fee.

Confirm that the order content & address are correct, then, click “Place Order”.

After the order is successfully established, an order number is shown and an order confirmation email comes from BOOTH Office.